White Paper: Examining the UCC Landscape in 2020

How can VoIP Providers and ITSPs compete with big players in the Unified Communications and Collaboration space

See how VoIP Providers and ITSPs can gain a competitive edge in the "now normal"

Today’s VoIP providers and ITSPs tend to believe the biggest threats to their businesses are:

  • Large carriers that spend ridiculous money on marketing
  • Increasing customer churn
  • Being viewed more like a commodity than a valued service

While these are all very valid concerns we have seen for a few years now, they pale in comparison to the sleeping giant that many VoIP providers are only now realizing has had prolonged exposure to much of their customer base. The real biggest threat to these businesses is one that presents itself as a sticky solution, becoming integral to all business workflows and processes.


Learn what needs to be done and how to minimize the impact on your revenue stream, improve service offerings, and optimize the end-user experience in this white paper.

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