Managing the Future of Remote Teams:

Best Business Practices for 2020 and Beyond

Irwin Lazar - Vice President & Service Director, Nemertes
Todd Carothers - Chief Revenue Officer of CounterPath;

New Research on Managing Remote Teams

We teamed up with global research firm Nemertes to reveal brand new research and data to help you make the best decisions in managing remote teams:

  • Why work-from-home is here to stay
  • Managing security concerns
  • Methods to cut costs
  • Conquering shadow IT
  • Steps to create a future-proof solution for your team

In the blink of an eye, companies across the globe went virtual to combat the threat of COVID-19. While this move may have originally been a temporary change, new research shows work-from-home is here to stay.

Even as lockdown restrictions begin to lift, 35% of companies say they definitely plan to continue to allow work-from-home, and an additional 35% say they’re likely to do so, according to research firm Nemertes.

That sudden shift to a remote workforce (and now back from it) brings a significant amount of risk, particularly around shadow IT. We're teaming up with global research and advisory firm Nemertes to share emerging research, and talk about how to mitigate risks while building a long-term solution for your team.

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