Telco-OTT Dynamics & Use Cases

An in-depth look at the philosophy, trends and practicalities for Telco-OTT service creation and deployment.

Extending the reach of telecom operators' voice & messaging services via the Internet.

This paper examines the threat from OTT providers, and how operators are making progress in delivering content to their customers. OTT-type services are often seen as "the enemy", rather than simply a valuable technique to be exploited by all. Explore how your organization can leverage the ubiquity of broadband connections, smartphones or laptops, and downloadable apps.

After reading this whitepaper you'll have a better understanding of how to:

  • Exploit the best fundamental industry standards like SIP, while using customized web / app technology to create unique differentiated experiences.
  • Allow faster time-to-market than multi-operator collaborative efforts for “federated” services.
  • Enable a range of specific use-cases, such as fixed-mobile convergence, or unique
    communications apps intended for travelers and expats.
  • Create a roadmap from simple “Internet extension” of existing services,
    through to a full innovation platform that could rival the best Internet-OTT
    propositions, leveraging additional unique assets such as subscriber data, call history
    and location.
  • Enable a better fit with wider industry trends on the “Future of Voice” as the industry
    struggles with the implications of “peak telephony”.