3 Things Your Employees Need in Your Next-Gen Softphone Solution

Address the pressing communication and collaboration pain points in your SMB or Enterprise

Not sure how a softphone fits with your Unified Communication and Collaboration solution? We can help.

In today's fast-paced business environment, organizations and their employees are greatly helped by leveraging streamlined communication and collaboration tools. With IDC reporting that only 36% of businesses with 100-999 employees utilize Unified Communication and Collaboration (UCC) solutions, you have to wonder "Why?"

Could it be cost? Feature gaps? Or just the hesitancy to rip-and-replace current infrastructure or systems? We delved into pain points and employee needs to bring you this comprehensive eBook.

Read this free eBook to gain insight into the following topics:
  • What holds organizations back from moving to a more modern communication solution. From inefficient workflows, to the inability to collaborate in real time, it can be a hard sell to get management onboard.
  • Pain points organizations see by not deploying a corporate communication and collaboration solution.  "Shadow IT" has become increasingly prevalent and can impact security and data retention.
  • Features and tools a robust communication and collaboration can bring to your organization. What does the ideal next-gen softphone solution look like? Let us show you!
  • How our solutions can help you achieve secure end-to-end communication, collaboration and mobility. Don't rip-and-replace - augment and compliment your existing communication infrastructure as CounterPath solutions can integrate with a multitude of call servers and VoIP services, including Asterisk, Avaya, Call Centric, Cisco, FreePBX, Freeswitch, SIP Gate, and VoIP.ms to name a few.