Enterprise OTT Communications For Anytime, Anywhere, Any Network Workers

How Bria Saves Enterprises Money and Puts Unified Communications on Any Device 

Explore recent trends in the mobility of workers and their usage of laptops, smartphones, and tablets in different locations and use cases.

CIOs and IT Managers must change their Unified Communications (UC) strategy as their workforce evolves to an Anytime, Anywhere, Any Network workforce that brings their own device (BYOD). Enterprises have an opportunity to save money and increase their workers’ productivity by using Enterprise OTT communications. Using CounterPath’s Bria UC client, enterprises can extend the reach of their existing communications infrastructure to workers’ mobile laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

After reading this whitepaper you'll be able to answer the following frequently asked questions:
  • Why should I use softphones or Unified Communications clients on mobile devices?
  • Why would an enterprise use CounterPath Bria instead of softphones supplied by their PBX vendor? 
  • Will Bria work with my existing system? 
  • How difficult is it to deploy UC clients?