Working in the "Now Normal": Benefits of Communication Apps on Rugged Devices

Todd Carothers, Chief Revenue Officer, CounterPath

Extend VoIP calling, messaging, and more on any mobile device

Whether your business was ready or not, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we work and provide customer support in the “now normal”. So how can companies quickly adapt to physically distancing workers while providing them communication tools on devices the company already owns? The answer might surprise you!


Handheld computers, scanners, and rugged devices are already being used for information access and management in retail, manufacturing, transportation, healthcare, and hospitality environments. By empowering these devices with portable phone, messaging, and video calling capabilities, businesses can ensure employees are easily reachable and can collaborate to offer enhanced customer service without having to leave their station.

Watch this webinar to learn how advanced Unified Communication solutions transform handheld computing devices into an extension of the existing corporate phone system, reducing employee contact with wall phones, and making it easier to communicate with colleagues without having to stop by their work areas. We will also explore how deploying a solution like this can be done easily with central provisioning and hosted serviced provided in the cloud.

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