White Paper: 6 Things Every CTO Must Know About Future-Proofing Communications 

Equip your workforce with a future-proof communication solution

The events of early 2020 have changed the world, and the workplace. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic there has been an unprecedented, and necessary, shift to work-from-home. In response, may organizations were forced to rapidly adapt, adopt new tools, and invest in cap-ex heavy location agnostic devices, technology and user management solutions. The implementation of these impromptu solutions introduced substantial new security risks, and user management challenges, placing unanticipated strain on IT, administrators and HR.


This white paper examines the shift to mass work-from-home, which  happened rapidly, and caught many companies unprepared; however, the shift to remote work is here to stay, requiring IT and business leaders to consider their strategy for managing a geographically dispersed workforce going forward. At the end of this white paper you will have learned:

  • Protecting CAPEX investments, without limiting solutions growth
  • Mindful communication tool adoption
  • Buyers Guide for future-proofing communication solutions
  • How to approach single vs/ multi-vendor solutions

Download the White Paper: